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Singapore: The Family Favorite Destination!

The country is hot and humid all year round so it is advisable to pack light and to expect a lot of sweat. Always keep bottles of water with you especially if you are travelling with little kids. Getting across the city is very easy as their internal transport system is well laid out. It is advisable to get an unlimited travel pass for 1 to 3 days from the airport or from the nearest ticket office. Most restaurants have the GST included in their bill and if it is not, it is up to you to leave some tip. Every family friendly tourist attraction and mall is equipped with water parks so take your swim wear everywhere! Also, all tourist attractions and malls open between 10-11am so plan your activities accordingly and because of the heat don’t plan a lot of outdoor activities mid day.

Sentosa Island

This place is the ideal family day out spot. Start your trip in the cable car and enjoying the views of the harbor and Mount Faber. From there you can head down to the Port of Lost Wonder, a pirate-themed water park. It is advisable to head off to this water park before 10am as they involve the kids in the opening of the park and it is easier to find a camping spot. You can also go to the Wave House and spend a relatively more adventurous afternoon dodging waves. For a mellow ending grab a bit at Coastes and then cool off with a swim. Another slightly expensive memorable treat will be to swim with the Pink Dolphins at Underwater World.

Singapore Zoo

Zoo is an activity enjoyed by people of all age and sizes. It has more than 4000 animals housed in the natural landscape that is the zoo’s trademark. It is a day of fun filled activities and learning and not just ordinary behind the cage experience. Of course the zoo has a water park, so if the kids are getting a little cranky, it is the best time to take them for a swim. It is advisable to check show timings before you go so you can plan your day accordingly, and this is not a small zoo so do take out a good amount of time. Carry mosquito repellants, if you are susceptible to bites.

Night Safari

This sure is an interesting idea. For all the wildlife enthusiasts, the night safari is the ideal way to see what the animals are up to in the darkness of night. The start is with a tram ride giving you a tour of the seven geographical regions of the world. This is followed by a creatures of the night show which is bound to get you all pumped for whatever is coming next. You get to see the best of what the nocturnal animals have to offer and it will be a night to remember.


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