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Top Travel Items That You Should Keep In Your Hand Carry

It’s not difficult to pack your luggage especially if you are a frequent traveler. When packing things you need to pack your clothes and shoes according to your destination. Essential items like your toiletries, smartphone and tablet charger should be kept in your hand carry. Apart from these important travel items there are some other important accessories which you need to carry that will definitely prove to be handy while you are traveling and will cost you less than $20.

Eye Mask:

Eye mask is really a necessity when you are traveling, why? Because it’s the best option for changing day into night for you to get a good sleep. When you are traveling in a flight, bus or train at times the low quality curtains don’t provide you enough darkness that you sleep properly at such times an eye mask helps a lot.

Ear Plugs:

Another most useful ad cheapest travel accessory is the earplugs; you especially need them when you are on a flight or a bus ride or if your hotel room is located next to a busy street. Purchase silicone or wax earplugs as they help in blocking the noise.


Nothing spoils the fun of a traveler when exploring a destination if it rains continuously or the heatstroke after spending a lot of time in the sun. You can avoid both these problems if you carry a small umbrella with you. Just purchase a small traveling umbrella that can easily fit in your bag and you can easily reach it in time of need.


If you are not carrying your smartphone with you or you have doubts that your phone’s battery may pass out then you should carry an extra flashlight with you, in case if the hotel’s electricity fails and you need to go to the bathroom then you may need the flashlight to find your way through.

Notepad And Pen:

Even though the present era has launched a lot of upgraded technologies for us but at times the old-school things are the best. In old school category the pen and notebook is the most important items whether you want to note down someone’s number or draw a map to some famous restaurant you can also work with a pen and notepad because these things don’t have a battery and an iPad or smartphone can always die out due to battery failure.

Door Plug:

Remember this that every hotel or guesthouse has an extra key to your room, many hotel rooms don’t have a door security chain meaning that any person can come in your room through the extra key while you are sleeping or gone. If that is a major concern for you then I’ll recommend that you use rubber door stops and slide it under your door when you are in a room.


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