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The Gorgeous Matira Beach at Bora Bora

The wonderful Tahitian island of Bora Bora may be known for its incredibly beautiful and abundant beaches, but one particularly stunning powdery white stretch that will easily enchant you is Matira Beach.

Matira has all the outstanding qualities you usually think of when dreaming of an iconic South Pacific Beach. This lagoon offers sugar white ultra-soft sand complemented by crystal clear water that reflects sumptuous blue and green hues. Its warm breeze will relax you. Its surrounding luscious mountains will take your breath away. And its charming palm trees will provide shade. Yet, Matira gives you that feeling that you are far away from the world you are used to and grew up in.

Walking the full stretch of this beach should be one of the first things to do once you arrive at Matira. In this way, you can truly appreciate the lagoon’s raw beauty. Matira is not entirely deserted. Near the beach area, you can find some shops, eateries and luxury resorts, which all make it a more convenient and tourist-friendly destination. But make no mistake, like other Bora Bora beaches, Matira exudes a laidback, serene and romantic vibe.

The water on Matira is usually warm and shallow. The ocean floor near the shore is also flat and coral-free. This makes this Tahitian beach a perfect spot for swimming especially for families with little children. But swimming and sunbathing are not the only forms of activities offered on Matira Beach. In fact, the beach generates strong enough winds to make it a perfect kiteboarding playground. If you have not tried this thrilling sport yet, Matira is the best place to take lessons and rent a board. Another thing to look forward to while on this magical beach is its equally magical sunset. Couples knowingly head out to cafes in Matira in time to see the dramatic setting of the sun on the horizon. But take note that this gorgeous natural phenomenon is still worth pursuing, even if you have no one to snuggle with.

Bora Bora Island is gifted with a chain-like coral formation that encircles its lagoons including Matira Beach. Thus, snorkeling straight off the beach has become a popular activity for visitors who enjoy the sport. The two excellent snorkeling spots on Matira include the beach’s northern point, just below the Bora Bora Hotel’s over water bungalow area; and the southernmost end of the Matira’s east side. From here, you can swim to the barrier reef, close to the coral gardens fondly called ‘the aquarium”. On top of snorkeling, there are also tour providers on Matira that offer a range of water and land-based activities such as jet skiing and quad biking tours.

You can reach the island of Bora Bora by taking an hour flight from the main island Papeete. You will land on the island’s tiny airport on the Motu Mute. According to savvy travelers, the flight may one of the most scenic ones you can have in your life. So consider keeping your eyes awake and alert!

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